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Company Profile

DigiBooks4All is a unique software solution designed for Publishers, Booksellers, mobile manufactures and carriers that need an end-to-end platform to extend their business in eBooks industry. With no need for upfront investments, and technical expertise, Digibookss4all gives to any compant the capability to participate immediately in the future digital world of books. Our platform includes a state-of-the art e-commerce solution for Adobe DRM'ed e-books bundled with mobile applications (iPad, Android) browsing the e-bookstore and providing a unique reading experience to consumers (readers).

Digibooks4all helps you plan, implement, and continuously improve your e-bookstore sales channels through our long-term partnership approach, powerful mobile applications, e-Bookstore SaaS Platform, and dedicated account management resources that help you drive more qualified traffic and increase revenues. Just add you company's logo and take part in shaping the future!

Digibooks4all is a trendsetter in e-reading mobile applications. Digibooks4all mobile applications are based on Adobe RMSDK to enable reading of Adobe DRM protected eBooks (PDF / epub format), and are fully compatible with Apple iOS and Google Android. With Digibooks4all e-bookstore platform you don't have to invest in hardware and software licenses or worry about installation, security updates and backups. To make it simple, our customers do not have to purchase software, hardware, or third party hosting. DigiBooks4All SaaS platform provides everything in one turn-key service.

The main benefits of Digibooks4all SaaS platform are:

  • Save money (There is no upfront investment).
  • Save time (Do not lose time, to develop your own infrastructure).
  • Join a community of interest (Purchasing a traditional software license is very much an individual affair. When you subscribe to a SaaS application, however, you become a member of a community that has the application at the center).
  • Pay as you Go (An on-going monthly expense is easier to incorporate into your budget than a large one-time outlay. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time without losing a large initial investment).


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eReaders Feature Comparison

Full e-reading functionality
Your store embedded in the app
Other stores embedded in the app
Integration with Facebook and Dropbox
Branded in Apple Store / Google Play with your name
Branded with your logo and company details
You have to develop web services to connect your existing store with the app
Promote your books with the app
White-label mobile app