eBookstore SaaS Platform

Business Model

e-Bookstore SaaS Platform

The Digibooks4all eBookstore Platform is delivered in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. This means we are accountable for the uptime and performance of your eBookstore website, which is guaranteed in your Service Level Agreement (SLA).

You don't have to invest in hardware and software licenses or worry about installation, security updates and backups. To make it simple, our clients do not have to purchase software, hardware, or third party hosting. The Digibooks4all SaaS platform provides everything in one turn-key service.

Software as a Service is now identified as a key strategic path for businesses seeking to grow and embrace the wide ranging new technologies and interaction with the new consumer. E-commerce software, DRM management, mobile applications, mobile viewers, are just a few of the touch points that now contribute to development of a strong and integrated e-bookstore technology profile. The true challenge however is to bring together these technologies and points of service, data, management reporting and information so that in real-time they have a material impact on the development of the core business of each digital bookstore.

Digibooks4all SaaS Delivery Enables:

  • Fast Deployment Times
  • No Capital Expenses
  • No Internal IT Resources
  • Seamless Regular Platform Upgrades
  • Industry Leading SLA"Pay as you Go" model

eBookstore SaaS Platform Upgrades

Digibooks4all is proactively building features based on the latest technology advances and e-books trends. As a Subscriber of Digibooks4all, you receive full access to all the latest platform features at no extra cost. This provides a future proof investment and flexibility to exploit the latest trends over time.

The Digibooks4all platform also provides high levels of flexibility, enabling integration to 3rd party systems, content delivery networks, and payment gateways.

eReaders Feature Comparison

Full e-reading functionality
Your store embedded in the app
Other stores embedded in the app
Integration with Facebook and Dropbox
Branded in Apple Store / Google Play with your name
Branded with your logo and company details
You have to develop web services to connect your existing store with the app
Promote your books with the app
White-label mobile app