Platform Modules

Book Catalog Service / Adobe DRM Management System

Digibooks4all Content Management System is based on Adobe DRM eBook Platform for protection and secure distribution of the digital books. Non-DRM ebooks can also be managed by Digibooks4all Content Management System.

Metadata is all of the information associated with a book or publication that is used to produce, publish, distribute, market, promote and sell the book. This includes very simple things, such as the title, author of a book, book cover and format, to much more complicated data, such as rights information, sales data, reviews, etc.

Metadata is, essentially, the story of the book. It tells other people, who might be interested, everything they need to know about the book and how to work with it. Without good metadata in place, every person who comes in contact with the book (editor, booksellers etc.) will have to recreate the metadata for the book, which can introduce errors. If one person accidentally makes a spelling error in author's name, consumers of an e-bookstore would never be able to find and buy the book in the online store. The book and all that investment in time, money and effort would essentially be lost as well.

Having different sets of metadata spread across too many companies gets complicated when you want to change something and makes fixing problems, when they arise, more difficult. Consequently is of utmost importance for a publisher to create and distribute a consistent set of metadata for every eBook.

Digibooks4all offers publishers a free, easy and convenient method to send detailed bibliographic information for their publications, to any affiliated bookseller and distributor.

Booksellers / Distributors may access online Digibooks4all Book Catalog Service to get all metadata associated with a book, the publisher has created and continuously keep up-to-date.

An Administration Console is provided so that daily fulfillments per distributor are monitored.

An application that matches fulfillments with Bookseller's Sales Report is also available. This important feature helps easily maintain differences that rise from the fact that a fulfillment is not always done at the same time of the purchase as a reader may buy an e-book and download it (fulfill it) in a latter time.

White-label mobile Applications (the Mobile storefront)

Your branded Mobile Applications for Android, Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Windows 8 offer:

  • Browsing & Purchasing functionality
  • Access to the user's personal library for instant eBook downloading
  • Amazing Reading experience for Free & Adobe DRM protected e-books

Internet Web Site (the white-label Internet storefront)

The Internet client side (the Internet storefront) allows:

  • Innovative and state-of-the-art technology witch powers fast and easy shopping experience
  • Rich functionality for customer care and e-book catalog

Communication Hub

Digibooks4all communication software hub is responsible for interfaces between mobile devices and the web store. as well as the Adobe DRM System. It is also the communication port between the Customer's existing web store for printed books & ebooks and the Digibooks4All platform, when part of the full solution is deployed. (Customer's Web front is used) It is also the communication port enabling integration to 3rd party systems, content delivery networks and payment gateways.

Administration Console

Digibooks4all administrator side (Administration Console) allows publishers to upload eBooks, create and manage their metadata (title, author name etc.), secure the digital files with Adobe DRM and manage customers data.