eBookstore SaaS Platform

Business Model

Platform Road Map

The Digibooks4all Platform Road Map is organized into approximately 4 or 5 major releases per year. Platform Enhancement Requests (PERs) are given to your Account Manager and are prioritized into the future release dates. Gathering and validating requirements is a collaborative process involving our Clients through surveys and live sessions.


As a Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) application, Digibooks4all is responsible for delivering seamless, uninterrupted service even through product enhancements. By leveraging the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) suite of best practices, Digibooks4all uses a robust release and testing process to ensure bug-free code is being delivered into production. It is our standard practice to deliver new features as a configurable setting and turned off, enabling our customers to control when to take advantage of new features. This, along with rigorous business acceptance testing ensures new platform features do no negatively impact live websites.

eReaders Feature Comparison

Full e-reading functionality
Your store embedded in the app
Other stores embedded in the app
Integration with Facebook and Dropbox
Branded in Apple Store / Google Play with your name
Branded with your logo and company details
You have to develop web services to connect your existing store with the app
Promote your books with the app
White-label mobile app