eBookstore SaaS Platform


Why Digibooks4all ?

  • Brand it with your company name: sell exclusively e-books under your own brand name!
  • Store Protect and Distribute your e-books: to any e-bookstore around the world.
  • Cross Platform: It is a device agnostic solution. Now you do not have to worry what device is your customer using for e-book reading.
  • Turn key solution: Digibooks4all eBookstore Platform is delivered in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. We are accountable for the uptime and performance of your eBookstore website and Mobile Apps.
  • Work within your own environment: Our Service is designed to work seamlessly with your existing Web infrastructure and business model. Whether you are conducting business-to-business transactions, distributing e-books to retailers (booksellers) and distributors, or business-to-consumer, selling your digital publications directly to consumers through your own web site, our platform complies with all your needs.
  • Control your expenses: An on-going monthly expense is easier to incorporate into your budget than a large one-time outlay. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time without losing a large initial investment.
  • Extended Flexibility: Our platform provides high levels of flexibility, enabling integration to your existing website, 3rd party systems, content delivery networks and payment gateways.
  • Unlimited Scalability: Your IT infrastructure becomes infinitely expandable. Digibooks4all is designed from the ground up to be highly scalable.
  • Affordability: Our platform gives to any size of Business Owner, enterprise-class functionality at a price they can afford. By using SaaS, you eliminate the cost of a dedicated IT staff to manage the system and you do not have to think of any expensive hardware and software purchases. As your business grows, no additional costs will be incurred. This not only makes operations more profitable, it makes expenditures more stable and predictable, facilitating the development of long-term strategic plans.

eReaders Feature Comparison

Full e-reading functionality
Your store embedded in the app
Other stores embedded in the app
Integration with Facebook and Dropbox
Branded in Apple Store / Google Play with your name
Branded with your logo and company details
You have to develop web services to connect your existing store with the app
Promote your books with the app
White-label mobile app